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  1. Malibu | Claire Harrison

    Photography: Claire Harrison Digital Operator: Sheila Udeagu ©Claire Harrison ©Claire Harrison

  2. Paul Smith | Jess Bonham

    Photography: Jess Bonham Digital Operator: Sheila Udeagu Images courtesy of East Photographic. ©Jess Bonham ©Jess Bonham

  3. Stella Artois Christmas | Regan/Grey

    Pleasure of working on another Stella Artois ad job, this time with recent AOP award winning duo Regan/Grey. Photography: Regan/Grey Digital Operator: Sheila Udeagu ©Regan/Grey / Stella Artois

  4. Adidas ZNE | Roger Keller

    Adidas ZNE shoot with rugby player Maro Itoje. Photography: Roger Keller Digital Operator: Sheila Udeagu © Adidas / Roger Keller

  5. Sainsbury’s Little Twists | Louise Hagger

    Advertising campaign, shot by Louise Hagger Lighting Assistant: Terry Graham Digital Operator: Sheila Udeagu

  6. Guardian Last Bites | Louise Hagger

    Recent cinemagraph series created for The Guardian’s My Last Supper feature A lot of fun working with a great team and gaining an insight into the minds of famous chefs including Josiah Citrin and Niki Nakayama (featured in Netflix’s Chef’s Table series). Photography: Louise Hagger. Digi Op/Lighting Assistant: Sheila Udeagu. …

  7. Burberry | Scarf Styling

    Photography: Billy Ballard Digital Operator: Sheila Udeagu Source: Burberry © Burberry

  8. Shredded Wheat | Emli Bendixen

    © Emli Bendixen Shot earlier this year for Nestle’s Shredded Wheat Live from the Heart campaign in association with The British Heart Foundation. Photography: Emli Bendixen Digital Operator: Sheila Udeagu Lighting Assistant: Andy Donohoe

  9. Jerome Russell Advertising Campaign | Claire Harrison

    Photography: Claire HarrisonDigital Operator: Sheila Udeagu Photography Assistant: Angela Dennis © Claire Harrison © Claire Harrison

  10. Laimon Fresh Advertising Campaign | Claire Harrison

    Photographer: Claire Harrison Digital Operator: Sheila Udeagu Photography Assistant: Angela Dennis © Claire Harrison

  11. Diageo Haig Club | Rob Lawson

    BHS video of digi job for David Beckham’s Haig Club whisky. Photography: Rob LawsonDigital Operator: Sheila Udeagu © Rob Lawson

  12. Ocado | John Ferguson

    BHS video as digi for an Ocado shoot. More photos and information here.Photography: John Ferguson. Digital Operator: Sheila Udeagu © John Ferguson

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